Prairie Band


The Players Club

The Players Club is open Sunday through Thursday, 8AMto Midnight and Friday and Saturday, 8AM to 1AM.

The Prairie Band Players Club gives its members more of what they actually want:

  • Gas at the Nation Station
  • Gift Shop Purchases
  • Point Play – Exchange your points at the game, same day cash back every day!
  • Valuable direct mail offers*
  • Invitations to parties, concerts and other special Players Club events*
  • Ability to earn complementaries for food, hotel, and more…whenever you want!*
  • Special Players Club Discounts
    *based on play

The Prairie Band Players Club is FREE to join. Must have a Players card to enter all events.

Just stop by the Players Club with valid identification and sign up. Then, start earning valuable rewards immediately and enjoy the many benefits of the BEST Players Club in the Midwest.

$3 coin in = 1 point on REEL MACHINES
$10 coin in = 1 point on VIDEO POKER
Points are earned on table play based on time played, game type, and average bet.

500 Points = $5 Prairie Cash

Earn your way to the top! Upgrade your Advantage card quickly and easily to a:

Classic card……….. 5,000 points
Premier card…….. 12,500 points
Prime card………….50,000 points
Elite card…………… 100,000 points
Points earned are based on a calendar year

To verify your tier score please see one of the representatives at the Players Club.

Elite Member Level Benefits | Rules and Regulations | Card Holder Benefits