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Roll to Win Craps

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Our Roll to Win Craps table from Azure Gaming America combines the traditional game of craps you love, with the technology you deserve!

Our electronic craps game is one of the newest and most technologically advanced table games on the market and is the first digital craps table in Kansas!


Top Features:

$5 minimums
Fast Play
Electronic Bets
Animated Display
Interactive Touch Screen Stations
Easy to Learn Rules
Physical Dice Throws
Real Dealer


How it works: The new digital design remains the same size as a traditional craps table and incorporates an animated table display and touch screen stations for each guest.  Guests use their interactive station’s screen to place the bet and watch as the bets appear on the main table’s display. Guests shoot physical dice across the field as if playing a traditional game and the dealer inputs the dice results. Then the player’s station pays out similar to a slot machine!

Having no physical chips also allows the game to continue at a quick pace. So if you’re searching for a quick game, look no further.


New to the Game? No worries! Each interactive station lets guests easily learn rules, how to win and even get a breakdown of the odds! If you’re still unsure, our dealers are always happy to help too!


Play Safely: This electronic craps table allows for fewer touchpoints so you can play safe. We have also added plexiglass dividers between each touch screen station.