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Temporary Closure FAQ’s


Q: Are my Prairie Cash and Food offers still valid when you reopen?

A: All offers are based on play and you will have new offers when we re-open.

Q: What about points that expired?

A: We will add points back to guest accounts that expired during the closure.

Q: What if I have a slot ticket that has expired?

A:We will honor slot tickets that have expired during our closure.

Q:When will you open for regular business?

A:We will continue to update our website and Facebook with the most up to date information on when we will reopen. Please check prairieband.com.

Q: Will the concerts still go on as scheduled?

A:Currently Neal McCoy has been rescheduled for July 2, 2020. Larry the Cable Guy has been rescheduled for August 27, 2020.  Currently all others are on as scheduled.