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February Calendar

March Bingo Specials

Friday, March 17 
Doors  Open: 4 PM | Early Bird 6:15 PM | Regular Session:  7 PM
500 Program
First 200 guests receive a shirt & beads – XL – while supplies last
Lucky Neighbor

March Calendar

Hours Open

House Rules |Budget Bingo | 500 Program 800 Program | 1000 Program Progressives | Bingo Winners | Bingo Charity Donations


  • 400 seats with cell phone charge ports
  • 200 hand-held electronic bingo devices
  • Concession including snacks and bottled beer
  • In-house progressive jackpots
  • Hot Balls and Bonanzas
  • Event tickets and pull tabs
  • Exclusive bingo games including:
  • MPBINGO™ from Planet Bingo
  • Planet Keno™

This is just like the traditional KENO you know and love and is now available for the first time in the entire country in its new bingo form.

Pressure KENO
The big difference with Pressure Keno is the availability of a 4 times multiplier! This is also the first release of this great new game in the entire country.

This is 24# bingo that is a credit-based, multi-theme, multi-level progressive game played simultaneously during the regular session. The player’s credit, amount wager, and amount won are displayed on the QuickPlay game screen. All cards purchased are also eligible to win the bingo prize at the QuickPlay Completion Game at the end of the regular session.

***Must be 18+ to play.